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Boo's heard as Swansea and Reading players take knee in support of BLM

Swansea City say they will investigate after boos were heard from outside their ground while players took the knee before their 0-0 with Reading on Wednesday.

Players from both teams took the knee they say, in support of Black Lives Matter. That is a matter for debate though as many fans up and down the land are well against the taking of the knee, some viewing is as a political symbol that cannot be de-attached from the general saying. Also, the footballing world cannot seem to make its mind up on why they take the knee anyway with some claiming its for BLM, others saying its for equality. 3 guesses what they'll think of next.

And it was as Liberty Stadium fell silent and the players dropped like sheep to their knee's, the sound of boos and horns blowing outside could be heard.

Swansea have not made any comment, but say they will look into what happened. Hopefully common sense prevails like it did with Millwall, who chose not to take any action against their fans who chose to boo when players took the knee earlier this season.

When asked about the incident after the game, Swansea head coach Steve Cooper said: "I can't really make a comment on it. I heard some noises but I couldn't tell what it was.

"Let's find out exactly what it was, the reasoning and rationale behind it, and I will give you a view of it then.

"But in terms of taking the knee, we are a club that's continuing to commit to it.

"We did have some discussions with the (club's) leadership team when there were some topical things going a couple of weeks ago, when some fans returned to stadiums.

"We made a joint decision that we wanted to continue with taking the knee."

Boos and the sound of horns blowing were clearly audible while players took the knee and for the first couple of minutes of the game.

"I was aware, but I didn't understand what was going on so I've got no comment," said Reading manager Veljko Paunovic.

No fans have been inside the Liberty since March because of coronavirus restrictions, when they are back, like most places in Britain, the media will find out how the general public really feel about it. Somehow i think it will all stop before then, in a very convenient fashion. Maybe the players can hold hands and play ring-a-roses around the centre circle instead?



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