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Championship - Nottingham Forest vs Reading Preview & Prediction 13th March 2021

Here we take a look at a pre match preview and prediction from oneof our bloggers:


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We face an in form Reading team and its looking like it could be 3 losses on the bounce for us.

Yet again we cant score for anything and Reading are looking like prime Barcelona going forward.

Strikers playing no where near their potential so Mighten yet again needs a chance to prove himself.

Reading are 5th winning their last 3 games and we sit 17th with back to back 1-0 losses. Their key player is Olise a young playmaker with plenty of goals and assists to his name.

I'm changing our key player to Worral as he is the most consistent player at the moment with the most passion aswell.

My score prediction 2-0 reading João scoring both.


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