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League One - Peterborough Utd vs Hull City Preview & Prediction 9th March 2021

Here we take a look at a pre match preview and prediction from one of our bloggers

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To begin with Jackson Irvine is doing fine at Hibernian he hasn't featured much and Leo De Silva Lopes scored a rocket for Circle Brugge in their 2 nil victory at home. Sammie Szmodics at the start of his career was at Braintree on loan under the guidance of Danny Cowley and the front three of Peterborough are on form.

Clarke Harris has been a good replacement for Ivan Toney and Dembele has had championship interest predominately from Brentford, and in the game against MK Dons Dembele played that No 10 role, Clarke Harris was upfront and Sammie was feeding off him.

It's going to be difficult with their pitch and against Burton Harry Burrows got his first goal for the club. We need to watch out for Clarke Harris he is their top goalscorer. Last night Jordan Flores Thomas Mayer featured for the U23s against Barnsley its nice to see and finally it's probably the biggest game of our season.


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