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RFNF BLOGGER: Championship - Sheffield Wed V Birmingham City Preview & Prediction 20th FEBRUARY 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Here we take a look at a pre match preview and prediction from one of our bloggers @kro_birminghamfc

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Our last game against Millwall was yet again another poor effort and poor result. Things need to be better than that and this is such a big game against the team who are just above us in the relegation zone. A win could get us out of this Bottom 3. If you haven’t seen this Thing that has been going viral as a poster was Stuck outside the blues training ground stating the facts that we are not happy, and Blues players have been putting it all in there story so hopefully they will perform tomorrow!!

In terms of the game it’s self, Am I feeling confident? No! With blues I will never feel confident especially with Karanka in charge! Last game Was decided buy an early mistake from San Jose and An awful defensive goal later on! Harley Dean was one of are stand out player In that game but he apparently got a bit of an injury so he won’t be playing, Mark Roberts is back which is huge. Karanka has to use his head tomorrow and play 4 at the back with winger and 2 strikers!!

I believe we need to bounce back straight away And will get a point tomorrow, and it will have goals in, 2-2!!


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