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Championship - Wycombe Wanderers V Reading Preview & Prediction 23rd February 2021

Here we take a look at a pre match preview and prediction from one of our bloggers @ding.til.i.die

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“Derby Day”

I still can’t understand how we lost on Saturday but that loss means we need to win this game .Like us Wycombe have drawn once and won one of their last 5 games so we both aren’t in the greatest of form,

Our next 6 games are all very winnable and let’s be fair anything apart from 14 points out of all of those games it would be poor return considering who we are coming up against .This being said Wycombe are going to make it very hard for us we just need to make sure we start the game on the front foot. Hopefully Gmac and Obita won’t be coming back to haunt us

No question now Holmes has to be starting for us, nothing against Yiadom but he’s not been at fault and I absolutely love Yiadom but we were clicking very well with Holmes and it make us defensively strong so he needs to be back. I would not really change much apart from that but we need to stop playing Laurent or Rino ahead and letting Semedo drop back .We just need to let Semedo play in his advanced role and let Rino and Laurent sit further back and do what they do best Hopefully Pauno will get it right on Tuesday night, I am going for a very scrappy 2-1 win


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